All courses are presented in a personal virtual setting by Roelof Vermeulen, founder and creator of Entinology.
Limited 10 seats available per class, to ensure interactive participation is possible.
Training consist out of 6 x virtual sessions of 3 hours each using Zoom.
Entinology Certification Course (Fee: $595)
The Entinology certification course exists out of the following 7 modules.
• Entinology Agile Project Manager
• Entinology Leader
• Entinology Corporate Entrepreneur
• Entinology 4Tify Framework
• Entinology Success Principles Advocate
• Entinology Values Inculcator
• Entinology Tools Expert
Certification Benefits
Free Annual Renewal of Certification
Annual renewal of Entinologist certification is free but requires the submission of a single article related to the practical application of Entinology in the workplace. Articles can be submitted to management at

Practitioners (Trainers)
Participating as Entinology Practitioner comes at no cost but requires active participation on a monthly basis and the attendance of a virtual seminar every 6 months. (Contact us for more details)
2024 Start Dates
22 February - 0% booked
29 February - 40% booked
13 March - 90% booked
21 March - 0% booked
28 March - 20% booked
9 April - (SOLD OUT)
(More Dates to follow as bookings get filled up)
Booking more than 5 people? Request a date. Contact us with your special request.
Want more detail? See this page on Entinology Entrepreneurial Leader
Entinology Inculcator (Free Seminar)
• Understand why businesses that do not change the way that they do things within the next 12 months will not remain open for much longer.
• The way things were done 2 years ago has changed and only businesses that deploy innovation the fastest will survive the next 5 years.
• Stop constantly catching up to competitors and start leading the change.
• How the adoption of a simple framework can automate with simplicity, constant improvement that makes it impossible for competitors to catch-up to rate at which change is implemented in your organisation.
• This free 2 hour seminar reviews how businesses constantly adopt new methodologies over lengthy periods and how this will become impossible in future
• The story of Entinology
• Business future
• Innovation future
• Future of execution of work
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