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Entinology corporate consulting


Minimum 3-Month Contract (remote or on-site) | Hourly rate applicable

  • Lets get things sorted out faster by bringing in a tailored team by training and coaching your staff in person.
  • Take leadership to the next level by inculcating the entrepreneurial and innovating culture needed to outperform any competitor.
  • Versatile and adaptive training, coaching and implementation of train-the-trainer.
  • Contracting through our partner Resourgenix
Entinology corporate training

Corporate Training

Live with Roelof Vermeulen (on-site) | 3 days

  • Discover the power of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation within a multi-methodology framework.
  • Get your organisation future ready by certifying your staff as Entinologists.
  • Complete Entinology training over 3 full days.
  • This will include 40 hours consulting prior to training sessions.
  • Contracting through our partner Resourgenix

Virtual Entinology Course

“Planning should unlock the power of agile delivery by keeping it simple and planning just enough to enable the doers to plan the detail in iterations.”

~ Roelof Vermeulen

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