"So many times we get trained and certified in frameworks and methodologies. But we never get taught how it works, why it works or how to do key elements that make these methodologies and frameworks work. Entinology gives you the full package of thinking and tools to do it all. It equip individuals to build super innovative and entrepreneurial teams of the future by removing the complexity through proven and tested methods and techniques."
Roelof Vermeulen
Roelof Vermeulen (Creator of Entinology)
Module 1: 7 Core Values
Learn how to use organisational structure to encourage corporate entrepreneurship and innovation where teams are motivated and change is not only encouraged but expected.
Create an organisational culture that is obsessed with the reduction of waste constantly evolving and innovating internally as well, ensuring constant improvement.
Understand the damage reporting can do to organisational culture, focus and driving of incorrect targets. How to get it automated, reduce meetings and encourage constant improvement.
Leadership is not an appointment it is earned. Understand the EQ Journey, difference between accountability and responsability. We also teach you the EQ4Tify Framework and how to engage rhythm to ultimately build unstoppable momentum.
Get the secret to the future organisation. How sensitivity can and should be removed from an organisation in order to build a non-pretentious honest leadership that do not manage perception but instead take the path of constant improvement.
Key to an entrepreneurial organisation that constantly innovate is a focus on self responsibility and not holding one another accountable. Learn how to activate the most powerful element of Entinology and the secret of the future organisation and that is trust.
The key to leadership and the tough one to activate but the easy one to loose. We have a look at what levers needs to be in place to ensure focus is on earning respect instead of loosing respect. From reporting to performance evaluation, what do we need to build the true entrepreneurial organisation of the future.
Module 2: 7 Entinology Success Principles
Know how to fail. Failing due to stupidity is not failing responsibly. Learn from from everything you do but have a framework to give it safety. This then enables freedom to innovate faster and more often.
Follow a process for learning as there is a difference between learning for theory and learning for understanding. Adults learn differently and understanding what you learn leads to massive advances when applying theory.
Innovation should be done in a smart way to ensure innovation is not delivered incorrectly or after the need is gone. MVP should be done fast and effectively.
When creating new stuff, ensure delivery is done in small re-usable capabilities that can easily be used, updated or improved. Re-use is applicable to more than just software code.
Avoid creating new stuff from scratch, look at the market what is out there that can easily be used to make innovation faster or to improve current systems or processes.
If you cannot measure it you are not going to know if it is working. You might throw away some mind shattering innovation when a small tweak was all that was needed to blow the consumer's mind.
Performance vs Trust. Passion is a global requirement in any business. You cant make it without passion, you cannot sell it without passion and you cannot buy it without passion. It cannot be faked. Build the best teams!
Module 3: Build Unbeatable Corporate Culture with the 4Tify Framework
EQ4Tify - Constant Improvement of EQ within the organisation is vital to the success of any innovative organisation of the future. Discover a framework supports your organisation's stars to constantly improve as superstars.
Cult4Tify - Constant Improvement of organizational culture is vital for a healthy environment in which innovation can flourish and constantly amaze and delight.
IP4Tify - Constant self improvement should be a desire of anyone in your organisation. You do however need a framework that turn this desire into reality/
Lead4Tify - Constant Improvement of leadership culture is often overlooked. Leadership courses provide the theory, but is it real? Discover if it is real and drive constant improvement of leadership.
Execute4Tify - Constant Improvement of how things are getting done within the organisation. So often organisations put processes in place but do not constantly improve them. This framework will drive the focus where it should be.
Module 4: 7 Entinology Components
Personal growth - Growth is a personal responsibility but also needs to be part of an organisation's DNA. Make it a journey that is expected. This requires a natural talent of sharing amongst piers. In sharing you activate possibilities of more personal growth through others' experiences.
Leadership - Everything comes back to leadership. Never blame people if the leadership was not disciplined first. Management is not leadership, management is a role, leadership is an act of respect that is earned.
Rewards - Rewards can easily be a slap in the face. Often the people that get the rewards are the people that didn't ensure the success. Perception managers should have no rights in any organisation. Rewards are a useful tool only when applied correctly, else it causes more damage than good.
EQ - EQ is not only a quality that is attained through training. It is part of the DNA of the people making up an organisation. Discover the secret of employing the right people and then enhancing constant EQ improvement.
Rhythm - Rhythm is the key to any successful delivery. It allows for focussed delivery without interruptions. It ensure fast problem solving , innovative solutioning and disciplined delivery, If done right it leads to unstoppable momentum.
Celebrate - Celebrations should be authentic and not faked. If you truly achieved success then you should learn how to be grateful for what created it.
Selling is a religion - If you believe in what you are doing you will obsessively talk about it to everyone in an unstoppable passion. This is where marketing within is becoming accelerated selling on steroids. Discover some incredible techniques to make your loyal team your strongest salesforce. 
Module 5: Entrepreneurial Principles
Entrepreneurs and corporate entrepreneurs are not the same. Discover the qualities of entrepreneurs and why the current entrepreneurship courses is not healthy or good for corporate entrepreneurship to develop. 
What is the differences between entrepreneurs and corporate entrepreneurs and how would the future organisations explode as corporate entrepreneurial businesses.
Why entrepreneurship adoption in corporate environments fail and how to overcome this with a simple process without losing the vital talents that make your organisation a success.
Career hunters and corporate entrepreneurship, the big divide and why chasing careers or even embarking on the journey of installing a career culture is not only wrong but will lead to the dimise of many organisations. 
Get into the exciting and accelerated growth phase of the future business with the Entinology keys to innovation and corporate entrepreneurship.
Discover the dimensions of successful corporate entrepreneurs by exploring and learning more about their strategic orientation, commitments to opportunity, commitment to resources, rewards philosophy, organisational structure and continuous fortification.
Module 6: Entinology Tools
Learn about the key to Entinology's success and that is the Entinology Multidimensional Diamond.

Discover the fundamentals of project and delivery Methodologies and why one is not better than the other, but instead should be used for their strengths.

Discover some powerful Entinology Innovation Methodologies and how to build successful teams.

Planning is vital to success. But planning can easily become the drama queen of activities, discover Entinology's planning for multi methodology.

Open the incredible power of Agile planning through the Entinology Maturity in Personal Planning method.
Module 7: Entinology Focus Areas
Management planning for Multi-methodology is the key to autonomous teams that constantly improve and deliver with laser like focus. Learn planning methods that can be used in any Agile, SAFe or even old SDLC environments to not only allow but also enable autonomous teams to flourish.
It all starts with knowing what you are dealing with. Use the Entinology framework to quickly identify the focus areas that needs to be addressed but also how.
Ensure constant delivery becomes part of the DNA of your organisation through Entinology's management framework that is designed for constant enabling teams to deliver. 
Reduce meetings instantly and stay informed the smart way by using this management toolset from Entinology and outperform any other organisation or department within your business.
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