The How Process of Entinology.
 Identify – this part of the process is aimed at identifying the objectives, poisons and transformation that needs to happen
 • Plan and create – plan the transformation and create the action steps leading to successful inculcation of an entrepreneurial and innovative culture.
• Learn – following the identification of elements for transformation learning will provide the key to inculcation
 • Inculcate – talking change is one thing the goal is living it. Using the unique tools in Entinology organisations starts living the entrepreneurial life it created
 • Measure – Measure the progress of inculcation and review goals and objectives that was planned.
 • Tools are all the different software, frameworks and methodologies that support and enable each part of the process.
The cycle continues at a rhythm that stimulates growth and ensure the organisation remain relevant to the latest methods and technologies.
* Estimation for large organisation can be smaller depending on organisation size.
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