What is Entinology?

Entinology is a study of entrepreneurship and innovation in large organisations.
The name Entinology is a word that composes.
          • the suffix “ology” which means “the field of study”
         • “Ent” which is a short part representing “Entrepreneurship”.
          • “in” which in short represents “innovation”.
          • “Ent” + “in” + “ology” = Entinology.
Entinology also present training that enable the practical maturity of innovation and entrepreneurship in large organisations
Within the Entinology framework the are several unique tools to drive entrepreneurial cultural adoption, fast track delivery, powerful leadership methods and many more techniques and methods.
Entinology is focussed on the understanding of how things gets done rather than the adoption of a single methodology that works fine in theory or under specific circumstances.
Focus should be on the outcome rather than the methodology.
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