Why Entinology?

• Entinology is not a methodology it is a framework that can enable any business to transform into an entrepreneurial organisation that flourish on delivering innovation.
• It is intended for organisations that wish to transform and lead instead of follow to become obsolete.
• Entinology offers a very unique approach to corporate entrepreneurship and innovation as it do not prescribe project management methodologies and Agile Methodologies to be adopted by organisations.
• Most of the time these methodologies and frameworks by itself do not have the expected outcome and almost always come at a great expense.
• Entinology provides more than just a framework of delivery. It provides an organisation a way of transforming itself to an entrepreneurial and innovative organisation with little disruption and costs.
• It gears an Entrepreneurial organisation to enhance a role based structure within which control is exchanged for passion and drive towards a common goal.
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